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A patient-centred physio clinic in Wynnum


Trusted Services

Professional Physiotherapy Treatment in Brisbane

Comprehensive Treatments

Provides wide variety of treatments to target different conditions.

Caring Is Listening

We don’t just listen to treat; we listen because we care.

Are you tired of being in pain?

This pain is part of my life now
I have tried everything
Haven’t been able to perform at 100% since the injury
I stopped my favourite sports
I think I should quit my job

Personalised treatment plan

Brisbane Physio Clinic is a friendly and patient-centred clinic that provides professional solutions to your health concerns.

Our professional physiotherapists can help to bring your body back to optimum through thorough assessments, accurate diagnoses, detailed explanations and comprehensive treatments.

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Services At Our Clinic

Brisbane Physio Clinic treats wide range of conditions, from acute to chronic, simple to complex.